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With a study in Museology (Leiden and Amsterdam) and Archaeology in Leiden I learnt my research techniques. I started cooking as a kindergarten child, as I was always curious about  tastes, cooking techniques and all things related. My husband has studied biology, more specifically archaeobotany. His study focuses on remains of plants cultivated or used in ancient times.


In 2006 I was asked to produce a buffet filled with historical food from the periods:- prehistoric (Iron age), Roman and Medieaval age. I had 4 days to prepare. It was a success, resulting in several new orders and requests for parties and gatherings. It seemed very logical to use the moment to start a small company, incorporating a form in the research and creating a nice website (www.dehistorischekeuken.nl). My goal is to provide for all who ask, a very  breathtaking culinary experience whilst adding interesting information on food origins. Now with the experience of 8 years historical cooking, quite a lot dishes have been made, tested and brought back to life.


Since starting in 2006 De Historische Keuken – or in translation : The Historical Kitchen, has completed several very nice assignments. Each year there are approximately 60-100 assignments. Each assignment takes 3 days full preparation before delivery.

Here is a list (but not only Roman actions):

A Lecture on Roman food in the city museum of Woerden. July 24th 2014.

A Tasting at the festival: Zeeheldenfestival, The Hague. The taste of the 17th Century Bierkade (excavations worked out in a tasting), and the taste of Dutch naval hero Michiel de Ruyter. (Ruyters Food) July 5th 2014.

A Roman lunch at Bureau Buiten in Utrecht for a meeting of Dutch archaeologists and Sir Nigel Mills ( then Hadrians Wall soc.) Utrecht February 2014.

A Pop-up shop in the old city-centre of Maassluis – there are now festivities on 400 years Maassluis. December 2013.

Masterchef Rome – cooking lessons for 30 persons, every 30 minutes until 2 o’clock – during the Museumnight Amsterdam. November 2013. Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam (University Museum UVA).

Tasting lessons on Roman food for gymnasium students (age app. 14-15), part of a Roman weekend  where all the students are trained in parts of the Roman life (training with a soldier, archaeologists, stories etc). Occuring every year in September since 2006.  September 27th 2013.

A Presentation of my first Roman cooking book, with a tasting of some of the  recipes.  September 27th 2013.

A Sustainability menu for a group, after a training in sustainability, how to be entrepreneurial and make a green world while working for the company. Rotterdam, September 15th 2013.

The publishing of my first Roman cookery book with 23 recipes, based on excavations in the Limes area : Sapor Limitis, the taste of the Limes, September 5th 2013  

A special Medieaval menu based on the excavations of the market hall in central Rotterdam. This menu had very special finds such as turbot, cooked and served with a tasty sauce made with mixed spices. June 4th 2013.

24-Kitchen for a group of people from the Province Zuid Holland, providing within 24 hours breakfast, a Roman lunch, and dinner with drinks in the evening, March 21st 2013.

Roman drinks and nibbles – with information on the sources… for employees of the Dutch National Bank in Amsterdam, March 14th 2013.

The reconstruction of a cake loved by Floris Vth:- based on information gleaned from local excavation. The original recipe was reconstructed in order to provide a taste of his favorite cake! June 2011.

Testing of pottery with Roos van Oosten, Dr. in Archaeology University of Leiden. We tested serveral kinds of reconstruction pottery on A woodfire. We combined our research on materials, heating, taste and usage of pottery. Since 2010.

The culinary history from a small castle (now a ruin)  in an area around Nijmegan (Nimeguen), the castle area dating from prehistoric times to 1700….. and where Floris 5th has been –  the tasting for 3000 people taking place in a medieaval tent (with a small storm around us). June 2010.


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